May 25, 2023

May 25, 2023

Scaling to new heights: accepted into exclusive Rise program

Scaling to new heights: accepted into exclusive Rise program

We are thrilled to announce that has been accepted into TechLeapNl’s prestigious Rise program.

Rise is an exclusive group for tech leaders and founders of scaleups in the Netherlands, with only 10 companies accepted into the community every quarter.

The program offers a trusted environment for knowledge sharing, mentorship and strategic growth discussions for entrepreneurs in the tech industry. They host regular sessions where everyone comes together to collaborate with other founders who may be facing similar scaling challenges, offering insights on sourcing talent, fundraising, global expansion and business development, among other topics.

We are excited to work with coaches from prominent tech companies in the Netherlands, including Adyen, Mollie, and Tomtom, who all have a wealth of experience from their own success stories.

Entry criteria for the Rise program

The Rise program has refined their selection process to a strict set of criteria to ensure the community is made up of the top scaleup founders in the tech industry. To be considered for this program, the companies must

  • Be currently raising or preparing to raise €10M+ (series A+)

  • Have 20+ FTEs 

  • Have a Min. 50% yoy growth in either employees or revenues

  • Be scaling beyond NL

  • Have a clear understanding of product/market fit 

  • Be revenue-focused, generating over €3M

In May of 2022, reached a landmark fundraising of $10 million from the company’s original group of investors, including a group of leaders from the industry as well as the investment arm of a European family office. Their investment further supports the company’s growth rate which has been at 200% year over year for the past two years. With this investment, we are able to allocate funding into the expansion of our global coverage of private market companies and into creating new product functionality. Specifically, we have made significant investments in our AI capabilities which has enabled us to unlock the massive potential that GenAI brings to the private market data space.

Since was founded in 2018, we have been able to expand our team, growing every year to now employing 158 FTEs based in offices across Europe and Asia, with more and more openings popping up every day. Outside of Amsterdam, we have hubs in London, Paris, Frankfurt, Warsaw and Bangalore, which has allowed us to hire teams of regional analysts that are highly focused on developing content in their local regions. This ensures we create the highest quality and most relevant content possible for our platform. Opening offices globally has also allowed us to hire the top talent, regardless of nationality and border, supporting us in scaling the business and creating an unrivaled solution.

Our product is specifically designed for use cases in private equity, investment banking and consulting, with further value propositions for law firms, corporate M&A and B2B sales. Since the majority of our founding team originally came from the financial industry, the product offers solutions that meet investors’ specific needs for private market intelligence and automated deal sourcing.

Significant benefits of joining the community

Being a part of a community of tech leaders in the scaleup phase brings tremendous value to our leadership team at, which in turn allows us to continue making the best platform possible for our clients.

The tailor made growth sessions will allow us to engage in focused discussions with experienced entrepreneurs to help us tackle growth challenges. Some of the coaches who will be joining these sessions include Taco Carlier, CEO & Founder of VanMoof; Matthijs Welle, CEO & Founder of Mews; and Corinne Vigreux, CEO & Founder of TomTom. Through this mentorship and collaboration, we will be able to continue scaling to expand our value proposition for our clients.

Rise’s top tech scaleups in the Netherlands

This past quarter, the Rise program welcomed Cohort 11, which included 10 new innovative tech scaleups from across the Netherlands. We’re honored to be one among these extraordinary scaleups that are disrupting their industries with new technology.

BlueRock TMS 

BlueRock TMS is a SaaS platform that consolidates the preparation, execution and analysis of your logistic networks into one, user-friendly platform, allowing companies to optimize complex supply chain and logistics challenges. 


Channext is Partner Management Software for SaaS and hardware companies that helps vendors run partner enablement, marketing, and sales via one platform. Users can measure every engagement through reports on a single dashboard.


Dyslfexis is an online scheduling and time tracking software for optimal staffing, error-free time registration and clear reporting. In this, they help companies reduce their salary costs while increasing employee happiness. 

EV Biotech 

EV Biotech develops fast, effective, and sustainable fermentation processes by combining computational power and data science with the most sophisticated tool known to man: Biology. Using their proprietary computational design pipeline, they efficiently create micro-organisms that are industrial-scale production methods for fine chemicals, flavors, fragrances, pharma, and bio-based materials. is a digital fashion studio that is revolutionizing the industry by offering AI-generated models to new creators, empowering them to explore new dimensions of imagination. Users can create custom avatars in under 5 minutes, catering to diverse target audiences through various customizable features. 


ParkBee is a platform on a mission to digitize the parking industry and give space back to the city. This empowers inhabitants to boost liveability and build a sustainable environment. ParkBee does this by opening up car parks, increasing occupancy rates of car parks, thereby allowing cars to be moved from on-street to off-street parking, without the need for new construction. 


PastBook is an app for when you want a photo book, but you don’t want to make a photo book. They provide a unique, 1-click user experience to create a personalized photo book. They are taking away the hassle of making photo books, so everyone in the world can enjoy them.


Workwize enables companies to easily transition to hybrid and remote working by providing, managing and maintaining any kind of remote equipment for the workforce in a single platform. Employees are set up for success from the first day at the job until their final day when equipment can be picked up and redistributed to another employee. This allows HR, Ops, and finance teams to save hours of time.

Overall, being chosen as one of the 10 companies to join this impressive community is a significant achievement for and a testament to our commitment to excellence in our field. We can’t wait to collaborate with others in this group and see growth in both our company and our leadership.


Jessie Peitsch

Content Marketing Manager,

Jessie joined in 2022 and currently works as the Content Marketing Manager. She is responsible for’s messaging across all channels, including social media, website and blog. She also helps edit the platform’s deep dive reports. Previously, Jessie worked in PropTech where she gained experience in content marketing. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of British Columbia in Canada.

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