Jul 25, 2022

Jul 25, 2022’s inspiring women in tech’s inspiring women in tech

“Women shouldn’t be afraid to put themselves forward.” - Sarah Wood.

Since joining earlier this year it became very clear, very quickly that I was in the company of two incredibly inspiring co-founders – one of which happens to be a woman. I have worked in technology marketing for over 20 years and although numbers are increasing, I still find myself in a male dominated industry. This is why someone like Nicola, a woman who stands up and puts herself out there to jointly build an incredible company like, should be celebrated.

Nicola Ebmeyer posing near canal and bridge

Recently, eWeek published an article dedicated to Nicola as an Inspiring Woman in FinTech. She talks about her inspirations, her early days of founding, the challenges she faces, and the challenges other women face in tech trying to achieve the same. Interestingly, Nicola’s attention within the industry comes at the same time she joined the TechLeap Community –  a curated community of top founders and CxOs in the Netherlands who help each other grow in their fields. Nicola believes in the power of community as a means to drive change and disrupt old thinking patterns that are no longer appropriate in today’s world. 

In her article, Nicola says, “Female empowerment is on top of my personal agenda and I’m proud to say that we have a disproportionately high share of females among the top performers in our company”.  So, in recognition of this, I thought I would ask some of those team members about their journey as women in fintech and what inspires them about working with Nicola at

Helen Westermann- Head of Private Equity Intelligence DACH & Italy

Helen Westermann, Head of Private Equity Intelligence DACH & Italy, has been working alongside Nicola for a year at Her impact within the company is immeasurable – leading a team of 3 associates and 22 analysts towards excellence. She notes, “For me, a woman working in a male dominated industry, it's important to be able to look up to and to see women who are successful. I started my career in investment banking and what I missed the most was a female role model. Today, I am working for a company co-founded by a woman. This is not only inspiring and motivating, it also gives me comfort as there is a sense of unspoken understanding amongst us.

“Even though the FinTech industry is dominated by men in terms of numbers, there are many brilliant women that are changing the landscape. That's why we should recognize women like Nicola who are transforming the industry and advocating for female empowerment”.

Maria Nunez Espallargas -  Customer Success Lead EMEA

Maria Nunez Eparllargas, Customer Success Lead EMEA, is another inspiring woman in the family. Having joined only 10 months ago, she has already made a remarkable difference in the company that is not only felt internally, but amongst our valued clients. Maria shares her story, saying “Nicola as female Co-Founder of the successful Fintech company,, inspires me not only for breaking through the glass ceiling but by doing it in such a genuine and human way. What I appreciate the most about working with her in’s commercial team is how she is creating a culture where, for the first time in my career, it really feels like gender does not matter. THAT is truly supporting women in business/finance/tech.” 

The team at can feel the excitement and buzz of how the business is developing and from the influence Nicola has had on its success. For us women within the company, the strong leadership has encouraged us to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone, resulting in impactful outcomes within the team and in the business as a whole. 

It’s imperative to continue spotlighting successful female leaders in fintech in order to encourage and inspire the next generation of women in this field. Luckily for us at, a strong female leader is only ever a Zoom call away!

Written by Chrissie Jamieson - VP of Marketing

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