Year end reflections: 2022 growth and innovation at

Year end reflections: 2022 growth and innovation at

As we wrap up the year, we wanted to reflect on the significant progress we have made in 2022 to provide our clients with an unrivaled private market intelligence platform.

Over the past year, we have focused on helping our clients better understand their company universe and shape their total addressable asset pool (TAAP) through our proprietary methodology. This approach has provided many of our clients with a clearer view of the number of companies within their target market and has helped them structure their origination process to identify potential deals that align with their sweet spot criteria.

We are committed to providing our clients with the tools and resources they need to gain visibility on their TAAP, which is why we have made significant advancements on our platform over the past year – from the overall expansion of our coverage to new feature upgrades.

Massive coverage expansion

One of our top priorities for the year was to continue expanding our European coverage. And that’s exactly what we achieved. In the past year, we nearly doubled the number of curated company profiles. In addition to our impressive library of in-depth company profiles, we now also provide data on all sizable legal entities, covering over 80% of the European GDP. This has allowed users to have a greater view of potential add-on opportunities within their market.

For an even broader scope on the private market, we have widened our European portfolio coverage of the top 500 PE investors and the top 100 VC funds. And to give you an even better understanding of the markets in which they invest, we have provided deep coverage on over 200 industries comprising over 800 subsegments.

Introducing new platform features

Over the past year, we have added many new features to that elevate your user experience and advance the capabilities of our deal sourcing platform.

One of the biggest feature announcements of the year was the addition of our granular ESG assessments. We developed a framework that evaluates key environmental and social risks for specific sub-industries and the companies within them so you can access a standardized view on their overall risk exposure. 

We have also made it easier than ever for you to provide feedback on our platform – whether that be to request a new company profile or to share additional information. Based on these continuous feedback mechanisms, we continue to bring you platform improvements, such as:

  • Similar company recommendations based on artificial intelligence

  • Advanced filtering options using “OR” statements 

  • Improved Excel exports

Growing our team

To support the needs of our customers, we have nearly doubled our team to over 150 FTEs with more and more opportunities opening up every day.

Envisioning the future: 2023 Outlook 

Every year, we raise the bar for what we can achieve at And this year is no exception. For 2023, we hold a clear set of priorities: 

  • Make every company on earth with >50 employees visible on

  • Add increasingly deep data on these companies though human research and AI

  • Extend our in-depth coverage to the world’s sizable PE/VC held assets

After 4 years of accelerated growth, we have no plans of slowing down. We will continue to combine industry-leading technology with scalable human intelligence to provide full visibility on the private market and offer unique insights into all relevant assets, enabling our customers to win more deals or mandates. 

We look forward to our continued partnership with our clients in 2023 to make it another impressive year of growth!

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